Index of /eve/players

eve-players-2011.png      Updated 11/Jun/2017      Full year chart for 2011
eve-players-2012.png      Updated 11/Jun/2017      Full year chart for 2012
eve-players-2013.png      Updated 30/Nov/2015      Full year chart for 2013
eve-players-2014.png      Updated 30/Nov/2015      Full year chart for 2014
eve-players-2015.png      Updated 31/Dec/2015      Full year chart for 2015
eve-players-2016.png      Updated 31/Dec/2016      Full year chart for 2016
eve-players-2017.png      Updated 31/Dec/2017      Full year chart for 2017
eve-players-2018.png      Updated 17/Jan/2019      Full year chart for 2018
eve-players-2019.png      Updated 01/Jan/2020      Full year chart for 2019
eve-players-2020.png      Updated 21/Jun/2021      Full year chart for 2020
eve-players-2021.png      Updated 31/Dec/2021      Full year chart for 2021
eve-players-2022.png      Updated 03/Jan/2023      Full year chart for 2022
eve-players-2023.png      Updated 31/Dec/2023      Full year chart for 2023
eve-players-2024.png      Updated 31/Mar/2024      Full year chart for 2024 YTD
eve-players-yearly-average.png      Updated 31/Mar/2024      16 year comparison of yearly averages over full years 2007-2024
eve-players-fouryear-compro.png      Updated 31/Mar/2024      Four year comparison 2021-2024
eve-players-rolling18months.png      Updated 31/Mar/2024      Rolling average of EVE daily logins for the last 18 months
eve-players-rolling10years.png      Updated 31/Mar/2024      Rolling average of EVE daily logins for the last ten years
eve-players-since2006-zerobottom.png      Updated 31/Mar/2024      EVE average logins since 2006, scaled for 0 Y-Axis minimum
eve-players-summer.png      Updated 30/Sep/2023      Does EVE have a summer slump?
eve-players-fall.png      Updated 31/Dec/2023      How about a fall slump?
eve-is-dying.png      Updated 30/June/2022      A ten-year trend of EVE average logged in players for Reddit discussion
eve-players-2020-surgical-strike.png      Updated 25/Nov/2021      CCP decides to make capitals a lot more expensive. Let's see what happens next...
eve-players-lockdown.png      Updated 30/Jun/2021      How EVE players spent their COVID-19 lockdowns... until the lockdown was over
eve-players-an-odd-year.png      Updated 01/Dec/2019      2019 was an odd year for EVE Online... where is the player activity?
eve-players-day-in-the-life.png      Updated 05/Jan/2019      This is not a healthy daily average player curve...
eve-players-2016-before-ascension.png      Updated 14/Nov/2017      The last one year EVE average logins before EVE Ascension
eve-players-2016-ascension-plus-30.png      Updated 01/Dec/2016      EVE Ascension launch plus ~30 days
eve-players-2017-ascension-plus-90.png      Updated 01/Apr/2017      EVE Ascension launch plus ~90 days
eve-players-2017-ascension-plus-180.png      Updated 01/Jun/2017      EVE Ascension launch plus ~180 days
eve-players-2017-ascension-taba.png      Updated 01/Aug/2017      The EVE F2P 30-day spike lasted eight months...
frankster.png      Updated 15/Nov/2016      Five year EVE average login trendline, created for Reddit /u/frankster
war.png      Updated 28/Jul/2016      Explanation of one year of EVE average logins, created for Reddit
eve-pcu-rolling18months.png      Updated 01/Sep/2018      Rolling count of EVE PCU for last 18 months, no longer updated
eve-players-since2008.png      Updated 01/Sep/2023      EVE average logins since 2008, no longer updated